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The construction company ΑRXITEX S.A undertook the exploitation of a 2.300 m2 plot in Kalamaria, Thessalonica with the manufacture of a building group, which is called ` MEGARO BYZANTIO', which constitutes of a functional combination of shops, offices, residences and underground car parking. The high quality, the insuperable know-how and the unrivalled aesthetic beauty, all basic characteristics of the company, guarantee for his result of the work it undertakes.
The broader area in which the building group will be located is the junction of Adrianoupoleos and Papakyritsi streets in the suburb of Kalamaria, more specifically called Byzantio.

As it is known, this region

  • does not face traffic problems
  • has easy access to the centre of Thessalonica and the regional municipalities.
  • is connected with urban lines to each basic destination.
  • is near to the highway to Chalkidiki
  • is near the airport
  • is highly commercial  
  • has green areas.

The study of the building group took into consideration the absolute exploitation of the plot position, which combines the highly commercial area of Adrianoupoleos street  with the upgraded region of Byzantio  of Kalamaria, one of the best regions of Thessalonica which covers the needs and the wishes of even the most demanding purchasers. 

The building of offices and shops faces Adrianoupoleos Street, while the building of residences is in the junction of Papakyritsi and Cheimonidou streets, far from the noise of Andrianoupoleos and in small distance from a school group and the shopping centre of Kalamaria.
The building of offices is developed in five (5) floors and offers:

  • offices from 80 m2 to 750 m2,
  • ground floor shops starting  from 170 m2 to 710 m2 and
  • an underground car park of 4.200 m2, which expands in three levels, and has  a capacity for  120 places.

Each floor of building offers:

  • Spaces of offices with white marble floor and insulated ceiling of plasterboard and mining fibres.
  • Flexible office infrastructure (places of work) with wiring high voltage  and low voltage currents.
  • Independent telephone network ISDN and infrastructure for a telephone centre.
  • System of central aerial of television, radio and satellite TV.
  • Modern auxiliary spaces of hygiene (toilets and kitchens.)
  • Independent air conditioning (heating – cooling) and ventilation.

The communal installations of building include:

  • Two automatic lifts.
  • An auxiliary of escape stairwell.
  • Network of gas piping for future installation of gas boilers.
  • Electric generator for communal use
  • A well formed green environment space.
  • Fire detecting system and complete installation of fire extinguisher in the parking spaces, according to the rules of the Fire Brigade Organisation.

The building of residences is developed in five floors. The entry door is on the ground floor and there are three underground floors with storehouses and a boiler room. The area of each floor amounts to 300 m2 and is separated in two or three properties, while there is direct access to the underground car park.
All the above considered it is obvious that this a good quality work, during the construction of which particular emphasis has been given to the application of strict technical and aesthetic specifications. The work is excellent not only for the high quality of manufacture but also for its aesthetics, thanks to specialised studies but also personal taste and care so that it is already a pole of attraction and it contributes in the further growth of the particular region of Eastern Thessalonica.


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